1GE Reverse POE ONU

Spec:1GE Reverse POE
   Product introduct

G/EPON 1GE Reserve POE ONU is support Dual mode(EPON and GPON), It can also be applied to a wide temperature environment, and also has a powerful firewall function.
G/EPON 1GE Reserve POE ONU meets telecom operators FTTO (office), FTTD (Desk), FTTH(Home) broadband speed, SOHO broadband access, video surveillance and other requirements and design a GPON/EPON Gigabit Ethernet products. The box is based on the mature Gigabit GPON/EPON technology, highly reliable and easy to maintain, with guaranteed QOS for different service. And it is fully compliant with technical regulations such as ITU-T G.984.x and IEEE802.3ah.


   Special Features

►  Dual Mode( can access gpon/epon olts ).
►  Compatible with popular OLT(HW,ZTE…)
►  Industrial Design
►  Routing or Bridging Mode
►  Detecting Rogue ONU
►  Flow & Storm Control , Loop Detection
►  Firewall: DDOS, Filtering Based on ACL/MAC/URL


  Product categories
Product model Product specification Chipset SDRAM Memory
V2801S 1 G/EPON+1GE ZTE 32MB

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