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 V-SOLUTION focuses on Fiber optic Communications and VoIP Gateway research, development, production and sales. Based on 15 years’ marketing experience of Executive Management Team, and mature experience of Telecom products of senior R&D engineer team, V-SOLUTION could be able to offer full series of products in fields of FTTH &VoIP Gateway, becoming a popular R&D enterprise in the world.


Our Advantages:

 Full range of various GPONEPONP2PVoIP solution

a. ONU series, Wi-Fi, VoIP, CATVRF, Industrial grade, reverse POE, metal housing ONU optional or mixed model, 

b. OLTs Series, 2ports, 4ports, 8ports, L2, L3 OLT optional,

c. VoIP gateway,2~64ports optional. 

Also, we could offer good customized service accordingly if the MOQ meets the requirement.

Good interoperability: ONU are compatible with HUAWEI, ZTE, Fiberhome, ALU, DASAN, BDCOM, GCOM popular OLT. VoIP is compatible with HUAWEI, ZTE, ALU and Asterisk call agents.

Good support and service: 7 members specialized and skillful technical support team 6days*12hrs with you.

Over 3 million units operate stably in globe: there are more than 3 million pieces product deployed and run well over 60 countries and 300 customers.

Good online & onsite technical support and service: the skillful engineer team will be there to support 6*12hours a week.


Wide application in globe: there are more than 3 million units are deployed and run well to 300 customers from over 60 countries


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