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V-SOL achieve great success in BBWF2017 Germany

14 Dec 2017 - V-SOL,BBWF2017,German exhibition,Berlin BBWF

October 24th -26th 2017,  the seventeenth of the European Communications Exhibition (BBWF) held in Berlin, attended by delegates from more than 140 countries, more than 430 different global telecom, government, municipal, construction companies and dealers to participate in, brings together many of the top enterprises and buyers. This is a great event in the optical communications industry, in Europe, optical communications industry has a significant influence.


This exhibition is mainly based on forums,  the customers are not so much, but almost customers are president , and they know more about the fiber optical industry . And There are still many customers interested in our products . Most of the customers are from Europe: Italy, Germany, Czech, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Finland, Greece, Hungary, etc.. Most clients are interested in our GPON OLT and  DATA ONT, WIFI ONT, CATV ONU. BBWF exhibition increased the popularity of V-SOL in European market and further entered the European market. 



We expect to meet again in Berlin in 2018, Let more parters adopt V-SOLUTION.

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