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28 Mar 2018 - Housewarming
    On March 4th, 2018, the V-SOLUTION Technology were held a housewarming ceremonies in Room 601,Original Building B2,N0.162 Science Avenue, Science Town, Huangpu District Guangzhou. The move marks a holding V-SOL again on a new step, comply with the trend of the development of new era, grasp the pulse of the development of the new era, constantly developing steadily.
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    Guangzhou V-solution Communication Technology Co., LTD. (Guangzhou V-Solution) in April 2007 by the two Dutch businessman and domestic Five senior people in the communications network jointly founded, dedicated to fiber optical communication and VoIP gateway access products research and development, production and sales, the company's senior management has an average of over 15 years' experience in marketing and R&D management of communication network products.

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    V-SOLUTION Technology have already moved to Room 601, Original Building B2, Science Town, Huangpu District, Guangzhou.  New office has 1300 square meters (R&D department and sales department), at present, V-SOLUTON Technology already has more than 160 employees, with research and development, production and sales.

    Through ten years effort, we create miracles together. Company uphold the integrity, respect, professional, innovative concept,In the future, under the joint efforts of whole V-Solution man, will continue to remain Modest and prudent craftsman spirit, together to finish the "Access The World" corporate mission!


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