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V-SOL successfully held the 10th Badminton Tournament

01 Mar 2018 - V-SOL,V-SOL badminton

    On December 15, 2017, "V-SOL the 10th Badminton Tournament" held an exciting finals at Challenger Badminton Hall.The badminton tournament consists of four teams, it is the first time to adopt various departments mixed group team form, five games three wins system, including men's singles, women's singles, first men’s doubles, second men’s doubles and women’s doubles.


    Every athletic actively prepared for the match before it started,and they show their best skill to all the audiences,again and again cheering over the stadium.In the meanwhile,there are many new badminton players in this matches,the badminton team is stronger and stronger.Finally,the team led by Welming Chen won the championship of this competition.


    At the same time,this competition first set up the morale PK award,each team the cheerleaders show their best dance to all the audiences,to cheer with their athletics,and everyone help each other in the match even they are in different teams,all this shows our staff are versatile.At the last,the morale PK champion won by the forth team.



    This Badminton Tournament not only provide with you the opportunity to exercise,know each other more in different department,but also let you know the importance of teamwork,let’s looking forward to the badminton tournament next year.



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