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V-SOL TECH 2018 Fall Sport Meeting Completed Successfully

26 Dec 2018 -

Carrying on the slogan of “I am playing, I am happy and I am healthy”, V-SOL Tech held the 2018 Fall Sport Meeting in early September and completed successfully in November. During two months races, all players were motivated in the games with high morale and their own styles. Different from last 10 Badminton Team Events, Table Tennis and Basketball were added as new competition items this year.   


 Playing Area-1 - Table Tennis

After Knockout, Round robin, Quarterfinal, Semifinal and Final, all players played their best card with cutting, chopping, backhand pulling, moving back and forth, Yachun and Linda won the men's singles and women's singles Championships respectively.



Playing Area-2 - Basketball

Basketball is a game with widespread mass base in V-SOL, there were several cheering squads went to watch during the games. Every wonderful pass, every accurate shot and every score seems so difficult and important. All teams are well-matched and the score raised alternately with the spectators’ applause and cheer constantly. Finally, the Production and Manufacturing Team lead by Yachun won the championship.



Playing Area-3 - Badminton

Badminton is the traditional competitive sport in V-SOL, it is the 11th team competition till this year. All players were divided into two camps according to their performance. The same playing area, the same wonderful games. They were well-prepared before games, play hard and do their best in games, which won thespectators’ applause and cheer. In the end, the team leaded by Philip and Robbot won the Championship. 




After Badminton events completed, a grand awarding ceremony was held to give the prizes, including Individual Award and Team Award. Company leaders presented flowers, silk banner and award to the winners and winning teams. 2018 Fall Sport Meeting Completed Successfully with warm applause. 

Next time, V-SOL athletes will get together again in Guangzhou Marathon and Huangpu Marathon.  

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