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V-SOL attended the 36th GITEX in Dubai

25 Nov 2016 - V-SOL,36th GITEX
The 36th of the GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) held in Dubai international trade center from October 16, 2016 to October 21st. The exhibition covers the communication technology, consumer electronics, software technology and other fields, has attracted many of the world's top companies to come to the exhibition, and to show its latest achievements in science and technology. The 6 -day long exhibition received a large number of visitors from the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Oman and other neighboring countries, and many from the Central Asian countries and Pakistan, India and other places, including the Southeast Asia and Europe. The exhibition fully reflects the integration of the Middle East culture and modern technology. Through this exhibition, such as Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries, which mainly based in the oil economy, actively pursuing a new economic growth point, as soon as possible to change the single economy, and strive for more cooperation with other countries in different fields.


In order to open up more markets, for the first time, V-SOL participated in the GITEX exhibition this year. In the 36th GITEX, as a PON production designer and manufacturer, we focus on the promotion of our self-developed OLT products and ONU devices with WIFI function, as well as the reverse POE function multi ports ONU products which are very popular in South America, India and other places. 


Through the 6-day long exhibition, we received customers from UAE, Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Oman, Kyrgyzstan, India, Bulgaria and other countries, communicating with them, understanding customers’ needs, and allowing customers to understand our company as well. 


Through this exhibition, we let more and more people recognize V-SOL, promoting the V-SOL brand in the Middle East, to understand the Middle East market situation. As a trend, PON products in the region will have a greater market. V-SOL will have a splendid future in the Middle East.
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