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V-Solution attended ANGA COM 2017, which was held in Gologne, Germany from May 30th to June 1st

29 Jun 2017 -
ANGACOM is the most important and professional satellite and cable television exhibition in Europe, all exhibitors and visitors are industry professionals. ANGA Services GmBH has been providing the commercial platform for domestic and foreign broadband operators and suppliers more than 15 years. 450 exhibitors attended the exhibition and about 18,000 professional visitors.



V-Sol focused on a variety of display CATV function ONUs and new GPON OLT, attracted local operators ISP, dealers,regular customers and many other visitors. Through the display and communication, many customers appreciate and recognizeV-Solution products are high-quality and cost-effective, Besides, from in-depth discussion of the latest product technology and market trends, V-Sol will obtain more market share in European market.



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