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V-SOL Held the Seventh Caucus

04 Nov 2016 - Caucus,work planning,International Conference Center.

It was on October 29th, 2016, V-Solution successfully held the seventh caucus in Huizhou Nan Kun Shan Grand View Garden International Conference Center.

25 core staffs and 8 invited representatives attended this meeting, the invited representatives, including the outstanding staff in 2015 and 2016 new appointed director. They got together to share various departments of Q1-Q3 achievement and problems. In order to achieve the Q4 target and the challenging goal of 2016 , they were well preparing on the relevant work planning.


With vital energy song of ‘I believe’, CEO Mr.Chen gave opening speech for the conference. Vice general manger Mr.Rao awarded the honorary certificate for the seventh new backbone employees.


2016 is the beginning of the second 3-year plan. A good start is half the battle. Our CEO MR.Chen did a detailed report of Q1-Q3 of the operation status. There are four core departments - Marketing Dept, Research Dept, Production Dept and Comprehensive Department, and they made a brief summary on Q1-Q3 of 2016. What’s more, they had a thorough analysis about the Department present situation, focusing on the strategic analysis and planning of the Dept in Q4 of 2016.

After the four departments’ reporting, each participant stated his own views on various department reports and the meeting theme of “Unity, Innovation”. All of them actively involved in the discussion, brainstorming and not avoiding any problem. They make greatest efforts to share ideas on how to achieve the goal of Q4 and the second 3-year plan.


After meeting, all delegates had dinner, drank freely with great joviality in the hotel. And toasted to celebrate Seventh Caucus come to a successful conclusion. Wish V-Solution’s business is flourishing much more in the future!

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