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"Ten years sharpen the sword, create a miracle together" A feast at the end of 2017

01 Mar 2018 -

        Time zipped by and the year 2017 was soon over.On January 26, 2018, all the people of V-SOLUTION got together at Zhenbao Mingzhu Restaurant ,toasted  to the  productive and fertile year of 2017  and ready for the first year of next decade - 2018 in V-SOLUTION.


At 5:30 pm, red carpet at the entrance of the venue, attendance wall, the photographer , all kinds of gifts and our 12 beautiful and generous ritual girl enthusiastically welcome guests from afar, relatives and all people of our V-SOLUTION together.

图片13     图片14

At 6:30 pm, the feast was begin, Chairman Mr Welming started the lion dotting ceremony, as well as the New Year message. We then awarded our partners medals, to thank them for their long-term support and trust in such a special way. Afterwards, the new staff of the R & D Center gave the morale &talent performance to the audience, which won warm applause.

图片15  图片16  图片17

Next is the sweet and moved moments that we gave Newlywed’s red packet and hold birthday party for staff. There are various types of performance, such as PD Dept’s a loving family and sales team ' melodrama the night of production line, our lovely kids also brought their dance curry curry.All of us Enjoyed food, programs, and the viral raffles &wechat red packets activity. What a wonderful night with cheers and laughter!

图片19  图片18  图片20

Looking back on 2017, we had lots of memories and Cherished moments.We,ten years hard -working to create a miracle together .Looking forward to 2018, we will have hopes and longings.Let’s shoulder the mission with our vision,keep fighting for a more brilliant future!

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