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17 Public Clouds & 4 Private Clouds Passed Trusted Cloud Certification in China

03 Mar 2017 - cloud,public cloud,open source
On February 17, the seventh trusted cloud service briefing was held in Beijing, which was guided by MIIT.

At the meeting, the seventh batch of evaluation results of trusted public clouds and the second batch of open source solutions of private clouds were released, 17 clouds services and 4 open-source solutions from 17 cloud service providers successfully passed the assessment.

Trusted cloud builds an authoritative evaluation system

Trusted cloud, domestic authoritative evaluation system of cloud computing, has built the evaluating standard systems covering every field of cloud computing industry, including trusted cloud services (public cloud and hosting cloud) assessment, thematic evaluation, cloud insurance and open source solutions. In the future, China will also carry out maturity assessment of private cloud and hybrid cloud.
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