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China Harmonises Spectrum for 5G

27 Feb 2017 - 5G,4G,IoE
China has carried out 5G technology R & D experiment since 2016, which has entered the second stage, and made advances in the vision, demand, concept, wireless technology and network architecture of 5G, Zhangfeng, Chief Engineer of MIIT, said at the industry and telecommunication press conference which was held on February 17.

MIIT has expedited the 5G spectrum planning in China, improving system technology R&D test in the bands of 3.4-3.6GHz and carrying out other research coordination work in other related bands.

With higher speeds and larger bandwidths, 5G meets the demands of the consumers for advanced network experience such as virtual reality and Ultra HD videos when compared with 4G. Additionally, its higher reliability and lower latency better support industry application requirements including automatic driving and intelligent manufacturing and realize the "Internet of Everything".

China should drive the global cooperation to achieve mature 5G industry chain according to Zhang Feng.
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