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China Mobile Net Profit Increased 3.1% in First 3 Quarters

13 Nov 2016 - China Mobile,communication service,fixed broadband
China Mobile announced operating data in the first 3 quarters of 2016 on October 20.

In the first 3 quarters, China Mobile achieved revenue of CNY 542.7 billion, a 4.3% YoY increase. The communication services have brought the operator revenue of CNY 481.2 billion which increased 5.4% over the same period in 2015; it generated CNY 200.4 billion in EBITDA, marking a 1.3% growth YoY while the profit attributable to shareholders hit CNY 88.1 billion, 3.1% higher over the prior year.

China Mobile reported a net increase of 17.42 million in subscribers in the first 3 quarters this year to 844 million, of which ARPU was CNY 60, a growth of 168 million in 4G subscribers to 481 million. Its total mobile traffic increased 64.21% to 3.82 trillion while its total duration of calls increased 49.78% to 3.1 trillion, and SMS volume increased 51.07% to 403.8 billion.

China Mobile added 19.21 million fixed broadband subscribers in the first 3 quarters, which hit 74.24 million totally while ARPU of that was CNY 33.

In addition, the operator had CNY 61.5 billion in sales revenues, declining 3.5% YoY.
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