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China Tower Bends over Backwards in 2016

16 Jan 2017 - China Tower,FDD,4G,China Unicom

China Tower has tried hard to achieve co-construction and sharing of towers and speed improvement & tariff cut, obtaining success during the year.

Chairman of China Tower, Liu Aili noted the tower sharing rate was just about 20% before the company's foundation, which rose to 40% two years later, and that among the new-built towers has hit 70%. In some regions, the tower sharing rate even reaches 91%. The company has benefitted the whole telecommunication industry and saved investments of tens of billions of renminbi through this.

China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom have constructed 83,000 towers before the Tower Company was founded - on the contrary, the latter took on more than 1.165 million tower construction projects and delivered 1.026 million tower base stations in 22 months, a such short time, surpassing the industry's total tower construction in the last 30 years, 1.4 million, by 70%.

Supported by China Tower, China Unicom has reported the construction of 700,000 4G base stations in 20 months, one third of the FDD base stations worldwide.

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