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China Unicom Catches 77% of China's 4G Mobile Phone Market

08 May 2017 - China Unicom,4G,mobile phone
Wen Ningrui, general manager of China Unicom Marketing Department said at April 27 that the company has achieved better results in 4G handsets.

4G mobile phones supporting the 4G network of China Unicom caught 77 percent of the market share by the end of March, of which all-network handsets accounted for over 75 percent.

In the first quarter, China Unicom, Wen noted, has been accelerating the migration of 2G & 3G users to 4G with the marketing efforts, promoting the investment business model, cooperating with Internet companies on marketing, increasing user touch points, strengthening the operation of flow, in order to drive its 4G development and improve the revenue.
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