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China Unicom Chief Expert Stated Breakthroughs in SDN & NFV

08 Mar 2017 - China Unicom,Network on Demand,SDN
China SDN/NFV Conference 2017 was held in Beijing on February 23. Tang Xiongyan, Chief Expert at China Unicom Network Technology Research Institute, was highly bullish on prospects for SDN and NFV and said the industry leader AT&T has developed SDN and NFV rapidly more than expected.

China's three major telecom operators all plan to reconstruct their network, and Mr. Tang is eager to advance network reconstruction, pointing out three breaks to drive SDN and NFV development.

China should offer more intelligent, flexible network services for the industry internet and customers, especially the "Network on Demand" service based on SDN, build NB-IoT in the large scale which the score network needs and provides a great chance for NFV and also, develop SDN and NFV for 5G.

The three major operators of China have expanded the commercial scale of NFV and SDN which has become the required technology in data center network; "Network on Demand" is a strong driver for the existing SDN deployments, according to Tang. NFV will be deployed in the field of metro network and access of vCPE & vBNG and the mobile network and IoT core network of vIMS, vRCS and vEPC.
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