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China's 3 Major Operators Will Have to Pay Hundreds of Billions of Renminbi for 5G Spectrum

08 Dec 2016 - 5G,spectrum
Radio Regulations of the People's Republic of China was announced recently, which makes bidding & auction legal allocations to 5G spectrums.

Facing business with large data traffic and high density, 5G demands more from spectrum when compared with 3G & 4G.

China's Radio Regulations Radio Regulations released by MIIT specifies that China will store no less than 500MHz of 5G spectrum, which obviously can't meet the needs of commercial rollouts of 5G in China.

It is estimated that China will need more than 10GHz of spectrum for 5G, which is to say, each of the three operators will buy 300MHz of spectrum at least if it is sold at auction in the future, which will totally cost them hundreds of billions of renminbi in terms of foreign auction price.

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