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China's 3 Telecom Giants Service Revenue Is Up 12.8% in October

06 Dec 2016 - mobile service,broadband access,3G,4G,fiber access,mobile Internet user
On November 30, MIIT released the telecom industry economic performance in October.

The telecom service revenue of the three major telecom operators reaches CNY 94.51 billion in total in October, increasing 12.8% YoY, and that of the first 10 months this year hits CNY 1.0046 trillion, up 5.5% from last year. The 3 giants' telecommunications service volume notches a 51.7% YoY growth, hitting CNY 2.8472 trillion.

Mobile subscribers reach 1.321 billion, mobile broadband (3G & 4G) subscribers 904 million, accounting for 68.4% of the former. Marking net adds of 283 million in the first 10 months, 4G subscribers keep growing explosively reaching 714 million and accounting for 54.1% of the mobile subscribers.

Broadband access subscribers reach 294 million, including 215 million fiber access subscribers. Compared with the same period of last year, broadband subscribers with access rate not lower than 8Mbps increase 78.33 million to 259 million, accounting for 88.1% of the former, while those with access rate not lower than 20 Mbps exceed 200 million.

A net increase of 13.1% (112 million) happened to mobile Internet users which hit 1.077 billion totally. Internet users on mobile phone set another record, hitting 1.02 billion, with a penetration rate of 77.3% in mobile phone users.

The average monthly mobile Internet access traffic data per subscriber increases over 100% while that in October hits 931.2M with a growth of 104%. The mobile Internet access traffic data in October increases 13% to 978 million G.

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