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The MIIT has Launched an IPv6 Scale Deployment Plan: No Less Than 50 Million Users in 2018

09 May 2018 - IPv6,MIIT

he ministry of industry and information technology(MIIT) issued a notice today about the  implementation of the plan for  promoting the sixth version of the Internet protocol(IPv6).rendered

The plan requires that basic telecom operators should complete the transformation of LTE network to the IPv6 end to end and launching the IPv6 service by the end of 2018. The number of IPv6 users is no less than 50 million (the three operators have no less than 10 million users each); mobile terminals fully support IPv6 and mobile terminals customized or centrally purchased by basic telecom companies should fully support IPv6.

By the end of the first quarter of 2019, each of the basic telecomcompanies should complete the connectivity between LTE network and other basic telecom enterprise system servers whose mobile Internet application users number is in the top 10 . Basic telecom operators should speed up the transformation of IPv6 fixed network infrastructure, including backbone network IPv6 connectivity,transformation of metropolitan area network and IPv6 access network, and the fixed terminals fully supporting IPv6. In addition, it is important to promote the application of IPv6 transformation, which includes data center IPv6 transformation, content distribution network (CDN) IPv6 transformation,cloud service platform IPv6 transformation and domain name system IPv6 transformation. Moreover, it is necessary to carry out government web site IPv6 renovation, industrial IPv6 Internet application and implementation of a complete set of security measures.

It is reported that IPv4 (about 4.3 billion) ip-based addresses are already distributed completely around the world today. According to the report "2017 IPv6 resources allocation and application"  released by CNNIC recently, total number of IPv6 address allocation in our country comes second in global rankings by the end of December 31st  last year. However, the IPv6 practical application degree at home is low.

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