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China Telecom Announced : Full-network VoLTE Trial in October and Commercialization Next Year

21 Sep 2018 - China Telecom

Lu Liangjun, deputy general manager of China Telecom's marketing department indicates, “VoLTE is expected to be tested for commercial use throughout the network in October this year; and will be commercially available on a large scale in June 2019.”

It is reported that the new project is to meet the VoLTE needs of 31 million mobile vIMS users and 8.47 million IoT users nationwide by the end of 2018.

In terms of devices,China Telecom indicates that device manufacturers must support 800M from October 1, 2017; device models above CNY1000 from October 1, 2017 must support VoLTE, and those above CNY3000 from April 1, 2018 must support dual-card and dual-VoLTE.

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